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What is Project management

Finish exceptional projects from start to finish. We introduce Persuite’s ERP software, which lets you take total control of your job. Place the right people on the right projects to maintain employee engagement. We make your route more hassle-free by supporting your company’s goals. With a comprehensive grasp of the financial performance of each project in your portfolio and promptly making necessary changes, we ensure to make your clients delighted.

What is Project management?

A project is a set of tasks that must be finished in a certain amount of time in order to get the desired result. Depending on the complexity of the project, one or more project managers oversee the cooperation, tracking, scheduling, and planning. Online project management is more common than ever these days, and remote working is becoming a very popular paradigm. To achieve the greatest results, you must select an online project management platform that meets your specific business requirements.

Why Persuite ERP Software?

By combining project management with essential business operations, you can maximize the capabilities and achieve budgetary control, resource optimization, and goal alignment by using the finest ERP software. Experience seamless efficiency at every stage, from site inspections to billing with Persuite ERP software.

We’ve centralized all work and communication, so say goodbye to spreadsheets and email searches. Users with an internet connection can access our ERP project management software from any location. At last, all projects, business procedures, and paperwork may be consolidated under one roof.

Importance of Project management in your Business?

Project management enables companies to make effective plans without deviating from the overall strategy. A productive workplace is created when everyone is aware of what they are working on. Additionally, by assigning each team member an optimal amount of work that they are responsible for, project management lays the groundwork for effective resource use. It also facilitates regular tracking, which increases productivity by letting your staff know where the project is at all times.

Project Management system includes

Site visit

A physical examination of a building site is called a site visit. The project team behind the build will be able to observe the work in progress and notice any possible issues.

Cost preparation

The practice of project cost preparation involves budgeting, estimating, and managing expenses over the course of the project in order to maintain spending within the allocated funds. It is finished on schedule and under budget.

Project creation

A project management plan provides stakeholders and end users with a road map for carrying out an impending project. Even though assembling it takes time, the procedure is worthwhile. It facilitates risk mitigation, garners team buy-in, synchronizes communication, and guarantees resource availability.

Team creation

Effective project teams, composed of capable leaders and team members, are essential to project success because they follow a well-defined project plan and provide the desired results for important stakeholders.

Project wise stages

The four stages of this project management process are typically planning, executing, closing, and initiating. With the help of ERP software like Persuite every such process became more hassle free.

Material allocation

The project manager must adhere to the procurement procedure in order to get a specific material required for a certain operation. Maintaining an inventory of the resources available for the project is crucial for the project manager.

Material usage

It entails managing and allocating different resources in a strategic manner over the duration of the project. Allocating resources properly has several beneficial effects. It increases productivity, maintains the project’s budget, and guarantees that each team member is aware of their specific duties.

Extra work

Extra work is defined as work that develops outside of the contract and is not necessary for it to be performed.The contract cannot be performed without further effort, which is necessary for its fulfillment.

Project follow up

In project management, project follow-up monitors results, resolves problems, and gets input from stakeholders to guarantee advancement, success, and ongoing improvement. It assists in monitoring progress, evaluating tactics, and implementing changes as needed to meet project goals.


Material request

The production department uses a material requisition, sometimes called a material request to seek the materials needed to finish a manufacturing operation.

Stage wise collection report

Data analysis and transformation from several business units inside an organization into insights that are useful and actionable is the process of enterprise resource planning (ERP) reporting. This stage wise report collection will enhance the production management process.

Project wise due list

This comprises all lists including important dues regarding project management. An ERP software will be a helping hand in this hassle journey. Persuite ERP software becomes the best choice .

Resource details

A resource is an essential tool used primarily to assist in completing a task or activity. A person, a group, a tool, money, and time can all be considered resources. To finish most tasks, a variety of materials are needed. A project’s resources ought to be evaluated and assigned before it starts.

Project details

A project description is a single document that contains all of the information on a particular project, including all of its stages and procedures. It covers the intended goals and objectives as well as the issue that sparked the initiative.

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