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Service Management | Persuite ERP software system/ solution
Service Management Software

It’s critical that you can depend on a comprehensive management system when faced with the difficulty of providing excellent service management.

Software for service management has several advantages; it integrates strategy, policy, and objectives with other planning elements while keeping the provision of high-quality services at the core of all activities.

We develop customized start-to-end management solutions in collaboration with businesses in the service management sector. Now, all of our clients in the service management sectors enjoy more productivity, better collaboration, and total company visibility.

What is service management?

A customer-focused method of delivering information technology is called service management. The two main goals of service management are the customer relationship and value delivery to the client.

Using a service management solution, you can:

  • Arrange, program, and monitor warranties or service agreements.
  • Utilize customer experience analysis and response time comparison to enhance customer service.
  • Manage the traceability of fixed or serviced goods and provide field service personnel with real-time work updates, collaborative file exchange, and remote access to customer data.
  • Arrange, coordinate, and oversee resources.
  • Increase the output of service technicians and assign tasks effectively.
  • Oversee upkeep and repairs, including billing of materials tracking and versioning (BOMs)
  • Provide service subscriptions, which are a reliable source of income.
  • Offer service-level agreements that complement a specialized clientele.

Why Persuite ERP Software?

Persuite ERP Software automates and unifies several processes, improving customer satisfaction, cost savings, efficiency, and coordination. Because Persuite prioritizes the success of our customers, we have excellent planning and coordination, enable successful procurement management, help with inventory management, aid warehouse administration, and play a crucial part in order management that meets the total satisfaction of our clients. Use our streamlined software to improve your service operations. Record service requests, delegate work, and guarantee prompt delivery. For a flawless client experience, efficiently handle warranties, replace products, holdback stock, track pickups, and streamline billing.
Service management includes,

Service Register

The process of generating a service record that describes a service and adding it to the SDDB so that clients may find it is known as service registration.

Service Assign

During this process, you will need to identify the service agreements and plans that are in place in your organization and then allocate service providers to specific activities or capital projects related to facilities or capital projects. Both external service organizations and internal responsibility organizations are examples of service providers.

Service Follow Up

Follow-up can happen in a number of ways and via a variety of media, including chat, text, email, and in-person encounters. It could be responding to a client’s inquiry, offering more details about a good or service, requesting comments, or attempting to complete a deal.


AMC/Warranty Mapping

With the use of software, an AMC management system helps service provider businesses handle customer complaints and their clients’ AMCs efficiently. The majority of AMC service providers place a high priority on providing excellent customer care and ensure that client feedback is crucial after assistance.

AMC Monitoring

One sort of service agreement that is frequently provided by many companies is an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC), especially in sectors like manufacturing, electronics, information technology, and more.

Service Bill Details

Account summaries, which include information on each transaction entering and leaving your accounts, are included in the general ledger report. It’s arranged by account type in addition to date.

Customer Feedback

The process of obtaining, evaluating, and acting upon customer feedback with the aim of improving the online customer experience is known as customer feedback management, or CRM. Put otherwise, CFM completes the loop of client feedback.

First step towards building a top-notch Service management

Persuite creates ERP software that makes your field service delivery stand out. The extensive and user-friendly features of the cloud-based solution improve your team’s productivity and performance. It also gives you the ability to recognize the needs and assign the appropriate resources to provide outstanding customer service.With Persuite, explore the world of business automation.

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