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Lead Management | Persuite ERP software system/ solution
What is Lead Management?

Lead management is an organized process that starts with the identification of possible clients, or “leads,” and goes through a number of steps to turn them into real clients. In order to generate new business, this process combines a number of tactics and procedures targeted at luring, following, and nurturing prospects.

Importance of Lead management

It supports businesses in determining the best strategy for generating and nurturing leads. Lead management makes it easier to score and classify leads based on engagement time, media channel, behavioral characteristics, and geography. Marketing teams can stay in proper communication with leads and refer them to sales specialists who can help close the deal with the aid of such information. Here comes the importance of ERP Software.

Why Persuite ERP Software?

Persuite ERP software has consistently been rated as the best lead management tool by both experts and clients. Thanks to a comprehensive spectrum of lead management solutions made for businesses of all sizes, your salespeople can now convert leads more instantly and effortlessly. Take a look at some of the most popular methods for generating leads, converting them, and analyzing them using the lead management system of Persuite ERP software. We help you track leads to your team, gather and store them, and expedite the follow-up processes using our e-commerce-specific lead management system. To convert potential customers into loyal ones, implement efficient lead nurturing. Our top ERP software streamlines your lead management procedure to the next level.

Lead includes,

Lead generation

The first steps in a lead management process involve promoting and gathering contact information from leads. Companies reach out to prospective clients using a range of lead generation techniques, such as sponsored ads, websites, email, social media, webinars, and social media campaigns.

Lead management

To transform inbound leads into outstanding new business prospects, a systematic procedure called as lead management entails qualifying, evaluating, and nurturing them.

Walk-in customer

A customer is also known as a guest when they visit a business without an appointment, reservation, or account. Even in the absence of an account specifically designed for them, a guest customer’s transactions may be handled by a point of sale system.

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